... wonderful days for wonderful people

" People live marvelous lives with light and open hearts."

Blu Days® are days, lived consciously, which serve to give oneself the gift of peace, vitality and inner growth.


In a caring, friendly environment, we offer you a haven where you can come and be yourself.

With us, you find retreat and a feeling of security, in order to gather your strength and find true silence in your self.

You receive wonderful support so that you can develop freely, change gloriously and grow without limits.

You spend a peaceful time, which is organized in a balanced, harmonious manner.

These days are energizing, provide true “time out”, convey deep understanding and impart an impressively clear mind.

Blu Days



...the future has begun

The Blu Room® is an extraordinary space with a unique atmosphere which, in an incomparable manner and a pleasant, effortless way, allows you to quickly leave behind everyday matters, regenerate, deeply relax, develop new consciousness and

reach unlimited dimensions.

Visits to the Blu Room® are part of the Blu Days® spent with us. They are something out of the ordinary and very special.

This space, in which you can dress normally and withdraw in comfort, is immensely beautiful and phenomenal in its effect.

Blu Days® bring you new consciousness for life and connect with the essence, which knows the way.

Blu Days® open heart and mind and bestow incomparable lightness and pure being.

Blu Room - a bridge to infinity

SHENYARE® –  mindful development of consciousness

It helps us to see more clearly, understand better and go further.

It reveals new insights and provides grandiose perspectives.

It frees from limitations and promotes an extraordinary mind.

It brings important answers and meaningful direction.

It makes us light, calm, alert and balanced and opens up new dimensions.

We offer excellent opportunities for a mindful development of consciousness

and facilitate your individual greatness in a special quality.

Blu Days® are unique and immensely valuable.

...and every day is a Blu Day